Euroa Medical Star Performer

We are still running our “Euroa Medical Star Performer” awards quarterly. We welcome nominations from our clients as this is a wonderful opportunity for us to recognise staff members showing excellent customer service to our patients. Nomination forms can be found in the waiting room, or ask reception staff for a form and hand into … Read more

Euroa Medical Global Corporate

Our staff are in the final stages of the Euora Medical Global Corporate Challenge as part of a healthy lifestyle program. Staff members have been wearing pedometers to measure their steps and activity. The competitive sprits amongst all has been fantastic and I can report that as I write this “Rose’ Renos” are leading… STILL!!! … Read more

Breast Cancer in Men

It may be relatively rare (1% of what females get) but as for women, early diagnosis increase the chance of cure. Unfortunately, many men ignore the symptoms and present late. Healthy diet and lifestyle are the best preventions, along with getting your doctor to check everything unusual in the breast area. With no known cause, … Read more