Our Allied Health

Dentist - Dr Sam Elshentenawy 


Breast Care Nurse – Michelle Parish

Lakeside Podiatry – Benjamin Brown

Lakeside Podiatry logo

Graham Hill Logo
Graham Hill Eyecare – Sally O'Brien (Optometrist)

Dietitian- Cindy Shea

Psychologist- Craig Wilson

Sue Crowther- Diabetic educator

Ronen Gurvitch- Cardiologist

Goulburn Valley Hearing Clinic- Lindsay Symons

Goulburn Valley Eyegroup - Simon Permezel

Dr Patrick Stark - Pediatrician

Dr Mohamed Atalla- General Surgeon


Practice Staff

Business Manager:

Practice Manager:
Jane Garrett

Practice Nurses:

Maree Beadle, Pam Walker, Fiona Nation, Leah Wynd, Christine Jackson, Ros Doxey, Mary Wells and  Donna McFarlane.

Office Manager:
Julie McMillan

Kate Williams, Joanne Woolcock, Hilary Ford, Jasmin Saville, Dee Hinss, Ciara Hamill, and Bridget Allen.