Healthy Kids 4yo Check

Also reminder for all parents with children turning 4 this year, to ring reception and make an appointment for the “Healthy Kids 4yo Check”. This is an important check up for your child as it includes a check of ears etc. – all extremely important with kids starting kindergarten etc.  

Healthful Hints – November

IDEAS TO GET WALKING [list styles=”icon-ok^icon-ok^icon-ok^icon-ok^icon-ok^icon-ok^icon-ok^icon-ok^icon-ok” sc_id=”sc1386294344223″]Catch public transport and get off a stop or two earlier^Ban the car for walkable trips in your neighbourhood^Park further from work and walk the extra distance^Meet friends and walk to a cafe for lunch^Take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator^Exercise your dog (or the neighbour’s)^Walk with … Read more