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Heat Stroke

Summer will be hot and heat stroke is a real possibility. It is more likely in the elderly and those with chronic illness. It does not have to be associated with exercise.

It occurs when the body gets too hot and it can no longer compensate. For those who get to the hospital it can have a mortality rate of 20-60% (2-6 of every 10 people will die!).

It may begin with a feeling of exhaustion, muscle aches and pains, and confusion. It can affect the lungs and the heart and in fact all body systems can shut down.

If you feel it coming on you need to seek help! If necessary call 000 and get an ambulance. The earlier you get treatment the easier it is to get you better.

Prevention is obviously the best solution.

When it is hot and humid you can do the following things to prevent heatstroke

  1. Take breaks when doing exercise and do it in the cooler parts of the day
  2. Use the air conditioners and fans on hot days and if you don’t have one find someone who has!
  3. Drink enough fluids! Water is the best.
  4. Wear loose and light clothes
  5. Avoid a hot car
  6. Remember if you start getting symptoms to seek help early!