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Overseas Travel Health Advice

Overseas travellers are at risk of suffering from travel-related illnesses, most of which are easily preventable.

Before going on an overseas trip, it is important that you see your doctor for a medical checkup and update your immunisations. Your doctor may give you prescriptions for medicines such as antibiotics, antinausea/antidiarrheal and anti-malaria medications. IT is advisable to research some travel recommendations specific to your destination on various Australia government websites. Make sure you pack a well-equipped medical kit and do not forget to purchase travel health insurance before your trip.

While travelling overseas, specifically in tropical countries, protect yourself from mosquito bites by using mosquito nets and repellents, as well as using antimalarial medicines recommended by your doctor. In most third world countries you need to be mindful of waterborne infections. In such situations, it is recommended to use bottled water and avoid putting ice in drinks, as well as avoiding uncooked foods including lads that have been washed using local water.

Sexually transmissible infections including HIV/AIDS are quite common in many countries, so safe sex practices are essential while travelling.