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Nosebleed (epistaxis)

Nosebleeds occur from the tiny veins that are just under the thin surface of the central part of the nose. Bleeding usually occurs quite suddenly and often from only one nostril. In most cases, it happens out of the blue without any injury. However, only a small amount of blood is lost. Nose bleeding can affect all ages but is twice as common in children. There is rarely cause for concern as it is usually a passing problem confined to the nose only. For the elderly, bleeding can occur from the back of the nose, and this can be a major problem.
Self-help: Sit down and bend your head forward. Hold a bowl under your nose. Firmly pinch the lower soft part of your nose between your thumb and finger for 5 minutes non-stop. Breathe through your mouth and do not let go for 5 minutes; Do not blow your nose for 12 hours afterwards, as it may dislodge the clot; Avoid picking your nose.
If bleeding continues after 20 minutes or keeps reoccurring seek medical help.
Written by Dr Dong Xiu Dong